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Kerin? Kenny? Kelin? Kelly? Carey? Curry?--Huh?
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I typed this up a few weeks ago. I'll probably do the romaji for it for romaji, though that community seems pretty dead, there's rumours that el-jay will be going under and romaji is definitely not my thing. Actually, I'm so incredibly bad at it now because of how I type on the computer (ex: つ→"tu" instead of "tsu," し→"si" instead of "shi" ... et cetera).
Anyway, I digress, here's the lyrics:

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I always feel a bit guilty, because I know that if it weren't for Sono having such a great voice, I would probably not listen to this band. Most of their best songs are even composed by him.

天上への架け橋を - 摩天楼オペラ

I don't own the singles, so I can't guarantee -- especially since I don't feel like being bothered with checking over this -- that everything is 100% correct.

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I really like the Christmas song actually. When I first saw that they were coming out with a Christmas version, I was really scared, but it's a fun little tune. I'll probaby be able to pick them up in the summer and so I'll wait until then -- I don't want to deal with the ridiculous shipping prices.

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Decided to type this up for people.
I'm not sure if I like the song, but it's slightly better (sound-wise) than most of the songs off BASTARD. Lyrically, I don't find it as interesting as most of his songs. It's partially my fault, however, for reading through old CD booklets of theirs.
His English is coming along really well, though. Even in his blog he'll randomly use it. (His blog is pretty intersting, by the bye. Here's the syndicated account on lj.)

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If there's any typos, apologies.

EDIT [18 July 2008]: Apparently the place that I originally got this from (it was a flash site, so obviously no copy&paste), didn't have the correct lyrics. Now these should be correct. Sorry about that. D:

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Typed this up for people. I don't own the CD, but I found a scan.

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I finally listened to Nega's new single, and translated four songs from it. It's not a bad release, and I certainly do like some of the songs; but I feel that they can do better and have done better.

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